Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Does the world need another B2B marketing blog?

Yes - 'nuff said.

What's that? You'd appreciate a deeper explanation? You think that this first post should really be more introspective, more questioning of the rationale behind this foray into the blogosphere? Well, if you insist...

It all comes down to a little experiment...

'There must be hundreds of B2B marketing blogs out there already', I hear you cry. Very true - there may even be thousands...

But what happens when you ask Google to find you only the useful tech marketing blogs, ones that don't contain inappropriate or rubbish content? Suddenly, thousands of links disappear and only one remains.

Unleashing the Marketing Hoodie onto an unsuspecting world, I'm delighted to say that there are now two. So do we have a USP? Not sure yet - give it 12 months (or maybe 6 for good behaviour with an ASBO to keep us in order...)

We want to provide a more oblique view; to ask ourselves what people in the real world would think of all the things we get up to in the quest to sell IT and services, and maybe look with a more sceptical eye on all the latest and greatest fads.

Please note: We don't actually believe that all the other tech marketing blogs out there have rubbish content (and not really sure how Google is able to judge them anyway). There are some great, thought-provoking examples (God knows we'll be 'paying homage' to them often enough).

'Nuff said. Finally.