Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The obligatory iPhone 3G post

Well, so here it is. Apparently there's something called an i-phone, which is a bit like a home phone or a pay phone (only less vandalised and without the 'ladies' cards advertising certain services - although on a side note I think I saw that Boris Johnson was going round taking them all out which strikes me as a bit greedy or maybe I got the wrong end of the stick) and you can carry it around with you and can talk to people without being connected by wires. I'm not sure it'll ever catch on.

You can tell I was already impressed, but when Steve Jobs got up and presented to the world it just got better.

The moment at 1.18 should really go down in history. This is where Steve announces another feature (like the flagship 3G) that should probably have been there from the start: 'flush headphone jack'. Watch the video and listen to the roar of the audience when he says those magic words.... say them yourselves.... 'flush headphone jack'... it's practically poetry.

Maybe this is the future. Maybe we can all just go and turn the most minor features into key selling points. 'AJAX compatible' 'JTEE compliant'...

Apple clearly know their onions (oh dear) and have decided that people don't care about video calling (no front camera) or indeed sharing photos (no picture messaging or upgraded camera) but what they want is speed (3G) and openness (flush headphone jack in the same way as it's been opened up to 3rd party apps). Out of interest, Gizmodo has a longer list of what it won't do.

It's all well and good but I think I'll stick with my Nokia e90. At worst I can use it as a brick to fight off crowds of admirers with without fear of scratching the screen.

Say it one last time...

...flush headphone jack.